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Chain of Command

Mrs. Glynis Riccio, DoDEA employees official photo.

Mrs. Glynis Riccio

6117 Sampson Rd, Suite 206
Bldg 193
Dahlgren, VA 22448
United States


School Contacts

Name Position Phone
Ashleigh Anderson Teacher Special Education 540-469-7100
Attendance Attendance 540-469-7100
Tamela Bonaime Music K-8 and Video Productions MS 540-469-7100
Holly Bond Support Staff 540-469-7100
Aruna Brown Supply 540-469-7100
Betty Burrell Teacher 1st and 2nd Grade Teacher 540-469-7100
Bethany Dines Teacher Special Education 540-469-7100
Ashley Elsbury-Ward Teacher ELA 6th, 7th, and 8th 540-469-7100
Fay Sinare Secretary Registrar 540-469-7100
Beth Hankins Teacher 4th and 5th Grade 540-469-7100
Information Technologist Information Technologist IT/AT -Provides Technical Support to DoDEA Staff 540-469-7100
Lindsey Lamoureux Teacher Kindergarten and 1st Grade Teacher 540-469-7100
Jeffrey Lee Educational Technologist Educational Tech, CTE Computer Apps, and Digital Art 540-469-7100
Paul MacDonald Teacher Science and Math 540-469-7100
Mary Marsilio Nurse 540-469-7100
Terri Nielsen School Counselor Counselor and Information Specialist 540-469-7100
Carolina Plew Teacher Long-Term Substitute Teacher Social Studies 6th-8th 540-469-7100
Valerie Rompa Speech-Language Pathologist 5401697100
Valerie SaJuan Teacher 540-469-7100
Steve Schaul School Support 540-469-7100
Fay Sinare Secretary Front Desk Guru 540-469-7100
Rachel Smith Teacher Long-Term Substitute Art K-8 540-469-7100
Kenchasa Swann Teacher Special Education 540-469-7100
Laura Tran Teacher 3rd Grade Teacher 540-469-7100
Kathryn Walseman Teacher Gifted K-8 and AVID MS 540-469-7100
Tyler Wells Teacher Long-Term Substitute Teacher PE K-12 540-469-7100

School Hours

Hours Start Time End Time
Students 8:25 AM 3:15 PM
Pre-K 12:30 PM 3:10 PM
Office 7:30 AM 4:00 PM
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