SY 24-25 Student Re-registration Window Opened on April 10

The Student Re-registration window opened on April 10, 2024. Parents should complete a re-registration for each currently enrolled student as soon as possible. During re-registration, parents must indicate whether their student will be withdrawing or returning for the upcoming school year.

Principal's Corner

Welcome to Dahlgren School

To our Military Connected Families:

It is a pleasure to welcome you to Dahlgren School. The school has been an integral part of the community for over 100 years and has a dedicated staff who are committed to excellence. Your child will have the unique advantage of receiving a 21st Century Instructional experience in a school that has a hometown feel. It is a very special learning community where students, staff, and parents all play an important role in the educational process. We believe that all children deserve a 1st Class education and maintain the high expectations for them as well as ourselves that are required to achieve this goal. Just as you dedicate yourselves to serving our country, we have the honor of serving your children and ensuring their educational success.

We encourage you to stop by and take a tour. You will be glad you did!

Mrs. Glynis Riccio, DoDEA employees official photo.

Mrs. Glynis Riccio

6117 Sampson Rd, Suite 206
Bldg 193
Dahlgren, VA 22448
United States

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